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A Easter (Battenburg Lace) Design Pack - Lg





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These freestanding Battenburg lace designs make beautiful Easter decorations! Use cotton thread (30 - 35 weight embroidery or sewing thread). Project instructions demonstrate the steps for making freestanding Battenburg lace.

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Designs Included in this Pack

Lily (Battenburg Lace)

5.8" x 7.15"
30548 stitches

Butterfly (Battenburg Lace)

6.65" x 5.82"
31304 stitches

Border I (Battenburg Lace)

9.01" x 1.98"
19804 stitches

Butterfly Border (Battenburg Lace)

9" x 2.01"
23480 stitches

Border II (Battenburg Lace)

8.99" x 2"
19180 stitches