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A Bursting with Blooms Design Pack - Lg





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Colorful flowers, with spring and summery "echoes." Delightful on quilts, wall hangings, table linens, bath linens, and more!

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Designs Included in this Pack

Rose Echo in Bloom

5.8626" x 6.745"
31648 stitches

Daisy and Butterfly Echo

5.815" x 6.0247"
32852 stitches

Lotus Blossom and Dragonfly Echo

5.8629" x 7.1861"
30662 stitches

Hibiscus and Hummingbird Echo

5.9134" x 5.8381"
31251 stitches

Stargazer Lily and Butterfly Echo

6.6861" x 5.8222"
39045 stitches

Daffodil and Flower Echo

5.8631" x 6.1343"
30291 stitches