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A Corner Bookmarks (In-the-Hoop) Design Pack





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These clever in-the-hoop bookmarks slips neatly over the corner of a page. Project instructions demonstrate the technique for making in-the-hoop corner bookmarks.

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Designs Included in this Pack

Flowers Corner Bookmark (In-the-Hoop)

3.11" x 3.12"
10976 stitches

Owl Corner Bookmark (In-the-Hoop)

3.11" x 3.11"
9201 stitches

Cross Corner Bookmark (In-the-Hoop)

3.16" x 3.16"
10166 stitches

Hearts Corner Bookmark (In-the-Hoop)

3.12" x 3.11"
9155 stitches

Writer's Corner Bookmark (In-the-Hoop)

3.11" x 3.11"
8624 stitches

Skeleton Key Corner Bookmark (In-the-Hoop)

3.12" x 3.12"
7139 stitches