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A Faithful Bookmarks (Lace) Design Pack





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Embroider these freestanding lace bookmarks, then weave ribbon for a beautiful look. Project instructions demonstrate the technique.

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Designs Included in this Pack

Cross Bookmark (Add Ribbon) (Lace)

2.77" x 5.54"
20548 stitches

Baptismal Shells Bookmark (Add Ribbon) (Lace)

1.9643" x 5.5147"
25168 stitches

Church Window Bookmark (Add Ribbon) (Lace)

1.9886" x 5.4888"
19749 stitches

Hearts and Crosses Bookmark (Add Ribbon) (Lace)

1.9127" x 5.5254"
20934 stitches

Lyre Bookmark (Add Ribbon) (Lace)

1.7996" x 5.5116"
20658 stitches

Blossom Bookmark  (Add Ribbon) (Lace)

2.1225" x 5.5273"
23129 stitches