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A Christmas Candy Cane Holders (In-the-Hoop) Design Pack



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Add a sweet look to Christmas trees and décor with candy cane holders, made right in the hoop. Project instructions demonstrate the steps for this in-the-hoop project.

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Designs Included in this Pack

Hungry Monkey Candy Cane Holder (In-the-Hoop)

2.5492" x 3.8607"
9531 stitches

Hungry Bear Candy Cane Holder (In-the-Hoop)

2.834" x 3.8701"
7820 stitches

Hungry Mouse Candy Cane Holder (In-the-Hoop)

3.8727" x 3.7721"
12502 stitches

Hungry Kitten Candy Cane Holder (In-the-Hoop)

2.1133" x 3.8762"
6938 stitches

Hungry Puppy Candy Cane Holder (In-the-Hoop)

2.8666" x 3.8648"
7830 stitches

Hungry Lizard Candy Cane Holder (In-the-Hoop)

1.7087" x 3.8762"
6713 stitches

Hungry Bunny Candy Cane Holder (In-the-Hoop)

2.9464" x 3.879"
8691 stitches

Hungry Squirrel Candy Cane Holder (In-the-Hoop)

3.1076" x 3.8718"
11436 stitches

Hungry Pig Candy Cane Holder (In-the-Hoop)

3.8944" x 3.7607"
8683 stitches

Angel Candy Cane Holder (In-the-Hoop)

2.9722" x 3.8642"
11257 stitches