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A Christmas 3D Ornaments (Lace) Design Pack





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These freestanding lace designs each have three pieces; after embroidering, assemble the pieces to make a three-dimensional ornament! Project instructions demonstrate the process for making 3D ornaments.

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Designs Included in this Pack

Christmas 3D Angel (Lace)

3.81" x 3.87"
43155 stitches

Christmas 3D Snowflake (Lace)

3.87" x 3.74"
44008 stitches

Christmas 3D Globe (Lace)

3.4" x 3.89"
48033 stitches

Christmas 3D Bell (Lace)

2.96" x 3.85"
31821 stitches

Christmas 3D Snowman (Lace)

2.09" x 3.81"
35751 stitches

Christmas 3D Poinsettia (Lace)

3.87" x 3.39"
36359 stitches