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A Rustic Garden Accents Design Pack - Md



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Cotton thread adds depth and texture to these stunning machine embroidery designs. Let these beautiful creatures land on shirts, wall art, pillows, and more!

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Designs Included in this Pack

Rustic Garden Hummingbird and Trumpet Vine

5.5453" x 4.8368"
8786 stitches

Rustic Garden Dragonfly and Lotus

4.8331" x 5.9438"
11458 stitches

Rustic Garden Bumblebee and Hollyhock

6.3169" x 4.846"
8889 stitches

Rustic Garden Mountain Bluebird and Mountain Ash

6.2815" x 4.839"
11741 stitches

Rustic Garden Butterfly and Peony

4.8996" x 4.8489"
9185 stitches

Rustic Garden Butterfly and Zinnia

4.8495" x 5.2248"
7319 stitches