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A Moroccan Magic (Trapunto) Design Pack - XXL





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Bring dimension and visual texture to quilts, table runners, and more with these Moroccan-inspired machine embroidery designs. Embroider this design through fabric, batting, and stabilizer to create a uniquely elegant textured look. Our step-by-step project instructions will show you how.

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Designs Included in this Pack

Moroccan Magic - Star Flourish (Trapunto)

7.8001" x 7.7988"
31648 stitches

Moroccan Magic - Ironwork (Trapunto)

7.7964" x 7.8001"
27561 stitches

Moroccan Magic - Tapestry (Trapunto)

7.8001" x 7.7813"
34242 stitches

Moroccan Magic - Mosaic (Trapunto)

7.8001" x 7.7894"
41690 stitches

Moroccan Magic - Kaleidoscope (Trapunto)

7.7981" x 7.8001"
24262 stitches

Moroccan Magic - Textured Heart (Trapunto)

7.7968" x 7.8001"
24525 stitches