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A Ocean Adventures (Vintage) Design Pack - XXL





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Go on an ocean adventure with a collection of designs fit for a seaside cottage. Quilts, pillows, and tea towels will swim with the wonder and fun of these friendly creations.

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Designs Included in this Pack

Ocean Adventure Dolphin (Vintage)

7.7951" x 7.8143"
15275 stitches

Ocean Adventure Crab and Jellyfish (Vintage)

7.8185" x 7.7992"
13167 stitches

Ocean Adventure Seahorse (Vintage)

7.8237" x 7.7977"
15177 stitches

Ocean Adventure Turtle (Vintage)

7.8211" x 7.8038"
17814 stitches

Ocean Adventure Butterflyfish (Vintage)

7.7754" x 7.8095"
15849 stitches

Ocean Adventure Fish & Lobster (Vintage)

7.7931" x 7.8134"
14723 stitches