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A Runway 'Round the World Design Pack - Sm





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Show off your fashionista status with striking collages featuring favorite accessories and travel landmarks. Great for pillows and shopping totes.

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Designs Included in this Pack

Runway in New York

3.8548" x 3.8252"
13560 stitches

Runway in Paris

3.846" x 3.6868"
11538 stitches

Runway in Rome

3.865" x 3.8434"
12210 stitches

Runway in London

3.6575" x 3.8545"
12776 stitches

Runway in Los Angeles

3.8206" x 3.8491"
14166 stitches

Runway in Milan

3.8003" x 3.8554"
13289 stitches