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A Days of the Week Snowmen (Bluework) Design Pack - Lg





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Bring a fun winter look to your kitchen with Days of the Week snowmen. Great for a set of tea towels!

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Designs Included in this Pack

Snowman on Sunday (Bluework)

4.8495" x 5.5015"
6652 stitches

Snowman on Monday (Bluework)

4.8451" x 5.5709"
7930 stitches

Snowman on Tuesday (Bluework)

4.8454" x 5.967"
7300 stitches

Snowman on Wednesday (Bluework)

4.8495" x 5.5031"
7093 stitches

Snowman on Thursday (Bluework)

4.8434" x 5.9434"
7496 stitches

Snowman on Friday (Bluework)

4.85" x 5.8241"
6532 stitches

Snowman on Saturday (Bluework)

4.8495" x 5.5341"
6940 stitches