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A Winter Snowflakes (Battenburg Lace) Design Pack - Lg



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These freestanding lace designs are digitized for 30-35 weight cotton thread. The project instructions demonstrate how to embroider this type of lace.

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Designs Included in this Pack

Snowflake Revival (Battenburg Lace)

5.8495" x 6.7292"
26533 stitches

Snowflake Renaissance (Battenburg Lace)

5.855" x 6.3451"
27733 stitches

Snowflake Dance (Battenburg Lace)

5.8311" x 6.6979"
24359 stitches

Snowflake Jubilee (Battenburg Lace)

5.8198" x 6.68"
26008 stitches

Snowflake Grace (Battenburg Lace)

6.5451" x 5.8403"
31416 stitches

Snowflake Serenity (Battenburg Lace)

5.8419" x 6.5634"
29167 stitches