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A Autumn Leaves (Heirloom Applique) Design Pack - Lg





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Beautiful heirloom applique autumn leaves are stunning additions to any fall-theme project. Project instructions demonstrate how to stitch heirloom applique, which is know for using a blanket stitch or E stitch for a traditional look.

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Designs Included in this Pack

Autumn Oak Leaf (Heirloom Applique)

4.848" x 5.2657"
4851 stitches

Autumn Maple Leaf (Heirloom Applique)

5.2277" x 4.8526"
6446 stitches

Autumn Birch Leaf (Heirloom Applique)

4.8528" x 4.9414"
4406 stitches

Autumn Cottonwood Leaf (Heirloom Applique)

5.3198" x 4.8416"
4949 stitches

Autumn Sassafras Leaf (Heirloom Applique)

4.8445" x 5.8252"
5705 stitches

Autumn Grape Leaf (Heirloom Applique)

5.131" x 4.8528"
5964 stitches