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A Garden Serenity (Toile) Design Pack - Lg



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Beautiful garden scenes are gorgeous additions to any project. Toile designs have light stitches and open areas that allow the fabric to show through. Choose smooth fabrics (quilter's cotton, linen, twill, denim) for best results.

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Designs Included in this Pack

Garden Planter Serenity (Toile)

7.7697" x 6.329"
42397 stitches

Garden Archway Serenity (Toile)

7.1433" x 6.1872"
32518 stitches

Wishing Well Serenity (Toile)

7.78" x 7.0766"
29166 stitches

Garden Bridge Serenity (Toile)

7.78" x 4.5234"
29365 stitches

Flower Patch Serenity (Toile)

7.8001" x 5.1109"
26860 stitches

Garden Bench Serenity (Toile)

7.7948" x 6.0818"
36747 stitches