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A Blissful Fall Kaleidoscope Square Design Pack - Sm





On sale through Monday, November 29!
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Get lost in the beauty of autumn with these beautiful squares! Create dimensional pillows, totes, quilts, and more using these machine embroidery designs.

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Designs Included in this Pack

Blissful Helenium Kaleidoscope Square

4.9" x 4.8998"
28401 stitches

Blissful Pumpkin Kaleidoscope Square

4.9" x 4.8998"
23447 stitches

Blissful Coneflower Kaleidoscope Square

4.9" x 4.9"
25625 stitches

Blissful Oak & Acorns Kaleidoscope Square

4.8996" x 4.8996"
20932 stitches

Blissful Sunflower Kaleidoscope Square

4.8974" x 4.8972"
27654 stitches