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A Beauty in Autumn (Trapunto) Design Pack - XL





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Discover the beauty of autumn with these mesmerizing trapunto squares! Project instructions will show you how to stitch through fabric, batting, and stabilizer to create masterful dimension on pillows, purses, quilts, and more.

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Designs Included in this Pack

Sunflowers in Autumn Square (Trapunto)

7.7975" x 7.7986"
36645 stitches

Coneflowers in Autumn Square (Trapunto)

7.7977" x 7.7986"
37013 stitches

Pumpkin Patch in Autumn Square (Trapunto)

7.7968" x 7.7994"
34097 stitches

Maple Leaves in Autumn Square (Trapunto)

7.7979" x 7.7983"
32747 stitches

Oak Leaves in Autumn Square (Trapunto)

7.7972" x 7.7975"
35719 stitches

Aspen Leaves in Autumn Square (Trapunto)

7.7977" x 7.7986"
28380 stitches