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A Crafty Autumn Animals Design Pack - Lg





On sale through Sunday, June 13
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Sweet autumn animals stitch, sew, paint, and cut in their crafty pursuits. Fun on children's items and craft room décor!

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Designs Included in this Pack

Crafty Autumn Quilting Raccoon

4.84" x 5.39"
27868 stitches

Crafty Autumn Knitting Mouse

4.87" x 6.04"
31992 stitches

Crafty Autumn Embroidering Squirrel

4.91" x 4.85"
27692 stitches

Crafty Autumn Painting Chipmunk

4.83" x 5.1"
28090 stitches

Crafty Autumn Scrapbooking Fox

5.49" x 4.83"
28006 stitches

Crafty Autumn Papercutting Bear

4.85" x 5.66"
28092 stitches