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A Light and Lacy Umbrella Girl (Battenburg Lace) Design Pack - Lg



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Umbrella Girl is a classic embroidery icon, and beautiful on pillows, linens, tote bags, and towels. In bloomers or in a Battenburg lace skirt, she is sure to add an elegant touch to any project! Project instructions demonstrate how to make a Battenburg lace skirt to add to the designs.

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Designs Included in this Pack

Umbrella Girl in Bloomers 1

3.949" x 9.3952"
39339 stitches

Umbrella Girl Skirt 1 (Battenburg Lace)

5.53" x 4.76"
15902 stitches

Umbrella Girl in Bloomers 2

4.2347" x 9.423"
40769 stitches

Umbrella Girl Skirt 2 (Battenburg Lace)

5.48" x 4.18"
15185 stitches

Umbrella Girl in Bloomers 3

3.8928" x 9.3954"
38316 stitches

Umbrella Girl Skirt 3 (Battenburg Lace)

4.73" x 4.16"
16481 stitches