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A Extreme Echoes Design Pack - Sm



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Swirling lines and backdrops give these extreme echoes sports designs a sense of movement and power. Stitch onto T-shirts, jackets, towels, and more for a dynamic and athletic look!

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Designs Included in this Pack

Extreme Echoes Soccer

3.8629" x 2.7916"
10800 stitches

Extreme Echoes Baseball

3.8727" x 3.1043"
10435 stitches

Extreme Echoes Basketball

3.2616" x 3.8519"
10491 stitches

Extreme Echoes Skateboard

3.1802" x 3.8561"
9988 stitches

Extreme Echoes Football

3.8615" x 3.8524"
12094 stitches

Extreme Echoes Hockey

3.8561" x 3.3585"
11180 stitches