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A Canadian Birds & Blooms Design Pack - Md





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Carefully detailed and intricate medleys, showcasing the beauty of each province and territory's bird and flower. Wonderful on totes, wall hangings, banners, and more. Stitch your patriotic pride with these designs!

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Designs Included in this Pack

British Columbia Steller's Jay and Dogwood Medley

3.9241" x 6.8543"
49460 stitches

Alberta Great Horned Owl and Wild Rose Medley

4.4278" x 6.8753"
51963 stitches

Ontario Common Loon and White Trillium Medley

4.4134" x 6.8895"
49181 stitches

Quebec Snowy Owl and Blue Flag Iris Medley

4.3301" x 6.8298"
37757 stitches

Nova Scotia Osprey and Mayflower Medley

4.2305" x 6.8694"
46092 stitches

Yukon Raven and Fireweed Medley

3.5475" x 6.8524"
29271 stitches

Canada Common Loon and Maple Leaf Medley

4.4731" x 6.8353"
44640 stitches

Canada National Anthem

4.5741" x 6.8541"
29135 stitches

Canada National Anthem (Split)

6.6496" x 5.2281"
41688 stitches