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A Blooming with Brilliance (Mylar) Design Pack - XL





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These applique designs use Mylar for extra sparkle and shine. Project instructions give information about using Mylar with applique designs, as well as sources and laundering tips.

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Designs Included in this Pack

Flowers and Ladybug (Mylar)

7.76" x 7.76"
20731 stitches

Flower and Butterfly (Mylar)

7.72" x 7.77"
20857 stitches

Flower and Snail (Mylar)

7.76" x 7.76"
21069 stitches

Flower and Bumblebee (Mylar)

7.78" x 7.76"
20222 stitches

Flower and Butterfly Border (Mylar)

6" x 2.33"
8977 stitches

Flower and Butterfly Border (Split) (Mylar)

3.8346" x 2.3071"
9957 stitches

Budding Flower Border (Mylar)

6.85" x 2.25"
8385 stitches