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A Nature in Bloom with Echoes Design Pack - Lg



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These designs are light, lively, and unique additions to shirts, quilts, table linens, kitchen towels, and more. Each design features a lacy element in the foreground and coordinating elements as an "echo" background.

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Designs Included in this Pack

Turtle and Asian Garden Echo

6.2996" x 5.8563"
24187 stitches

Frog and Lilypad Echo

6.1168" x 5.8066"
18922 stitches

Dragonfly and Wishing Well Echo

5.7996" x 6.4224"
26086 stitches

Rooster and Farm Echo

5.979" x 5.8596"
19289 stitches

Bluebird and Birdhouse Echo

5.85" x 6.3941"
20717 stitches

Hummingbird and Flower Echo

5.85" x 6.8143"
21297 stitches

Butterfly and Flower Echo

5.7994" x 6.7566"
23398 stitches

Parrot and Hibiscus Echo

5.8322" x 5.9792"
22288 stitches