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A Sashiko Leaves Design Pack - Sm





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A blend of colorful autumn leaves and sleek sashiko stitching. Embroider the leaves with 40 weight thread; use 30 weight cotton on the sashiko for a hearty look. Project instructions demonstrate the technique.

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Designs Included in this Pack

Sashiko Oak Leaves Square

4.8583" x 4.86"
22684 stitches

Sashiko Oak Leaves Border

5.9882" x 3.1942"
15634 stitches

Sashiko Birch Leaves Square

4.85" x 4.8554"
26270 stitches

Sashiko Birch Leaves Border

6" x 3.29"
16498 stitches

Sashiko Maple Leaves Square

4.8399" x 4.85"
21976 stitches

Sashiko Maple Leaves Border

5.9926" x 3.2797"
13870 stitches