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A Sunbonnet Sue Christmas Design Pack - Sm



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Sunbonnet Sue celebrates the holidays by baking, singing, sending a letter to Santa, and other classic acts. Great on towel sets, garments, and quilts!

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Designs Included in this Pack

Sunbonnet Sue Mails a Letter

3.31" x 3.86"
29416 stitches

Sunbonnet Sue Stuffs a Stocking

2.92" x 3.86"
21853 stitches

Sunbonnet Sue Builds a Snowman

3.86" x 3.55"
25085 stitches

Sunbonnet Sue's Season of Giving

3.87" x 3.19"
27034 stitches

Sunbonnet Sue's Holiday Baking

3.2" x 3.86"
19934 stitches

Sunbonnet Sue's Christmas Choir

3.45" x 3.87"
32035 stitches