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A Country Heirloom Applique Design Pack





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Heirloom applique uses a blanket stitch or E stitch for a traditional look. Use enmeshed, non-fray fabrics, like felt or Ultrasuede. These designs come with dielines so that you can cut the fabric to the right size and shape for the applique. Project instructions demonstrate the steps for working with heirloom applique designs.

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Designs Included in this Pack

Country Cat (Heirloom Applique)

3.55" x 3.86"
7155 stitches

Country Bear (Heirloom Applique)

3.5" x 3.85"
10435 stitches

Country Goose (Heirloom Applique)

2.8" x 3.86"
5878 stitches

Saltbox House and Star (Heirloom Applique)

3.45" x 3.85"
6586 stitches

Saltbox House (Heirloom Applique)

3.85" x 2.85"
7148 stitches

Country Bluebird (Heirloom Applique)

3.85" x 3.06"
3712 stitches

Country Heart (Heirloom Applique)

3.85" x 3.19"
1103 stitches

Country Star (Heirloom Applique)

3.85" x 3.67"
6036 stitches

Country Cow (Heirloom Applique)

3.85" x 2.93"
5539 stitches