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A Dino-Mite Dinosaur (Applique) Design Pack - Sm





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Applique embroidery lets you use your favorite fabric colors, patterns, and prints in a design. These designs include dielines so that you can cut the applique fabric to the shape and size needed for the embroidery. Project instructions demonstrate the steps for applique embroidery.

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Designs Included in this Pack

Tyler the T-Rex (Applique)

2.7329" x 3.3661"
4683 stitches

Trixie the Triceratops (Applique)

3.3731" x 2.1133"
4068 stitches

Pat the Apatosaurus (Applique)

2.6126" x 3.3729"
4090 stitches

Pterry the Pterodactyl (Applique)

3.3729" x 2.1829"
3791 stitches

Greg the Stegosaurus (Applique)

3.372" x 2.7929"
6752 stitches

Volcano (Applique)

3.37" x 1.78"
3884 stitches

Palm Tree (Applique)

2.45" x 3.37"
7193 stitches

Fern (Applique)

3.37" x 2.16"
5197 stitches