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A Summertime Folk Art (Applique) Design Pack - Sm





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Applique embroidery lets you use your favorite fabric colors, patterns, and prints in a design. These designs include dielines so that you can cut the applique fabric to the shape and size needed for the embroidery. Project instructions demonstrate the steps for applique embroidery.

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Designs Included in this Pack

Horsin' Around Folk Art (Applique)

4.8716" x 5.0179"
12708 stitches

Floral Folk Art (Applique)

4.85" x 5.07"
13036 stitches

Feeding the Garden Folk Art (Applique)

4.8729" x 4.8681"
16184 stitches

Bunny Love Folk Art (Applique)

4.8572" x 4.8666"
10496 stitches

Sunny Flowers Folk Art (Applique)

4.86" x 5.0026"
16769 stitches

Fruity Melon Folk Art (Applique)

4.8734" x 4.8681"
14619 stitches

Flowering Basket Folk Art (Applique)

4.8701" x 4.8432"
13908 stitches

Tree of Life Folk Art (Applique)

4.867" x 4.8847"
16372 stitches

Claddagh Wreath Folk Art (Applique)

4.8605" x 4.8839"
12766 stitches

Cozy Cottage Folk Art (Applique)

5.0332" x 4.8607"
11768 stitches

Fruity Berry Folk Art (Applique)

4.853" x 4.8528"
12493 stitches

When Life Gives You Lemons Folk Art (Applique)

4.8681" x 4.8683"
12421 stitches