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A Nativity Squares Design Pack - Lg (Trapunto)



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Embroider these designs through fabric, batting, and stabilizer. The stitches tamp the batting down, and interesting design elements appear in the negative space. Beautiful on shirts and quilted items! Project instructions demonstrate the Trapunto technique.

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Designs Included in this Pack

Journey to Bethlehem (Trapunto)

6" x 5.9199"
16939 stitches

No Room at the Inn (Trapunto)

6" x 5.9799"
8969 stitches

Away in the Manger (Trapunto)

6" x 5.9799"
15572 stitches

Word of the New King (Trapunto)

6" x 5.9799"
8746 stitches

Shepherds Visit the Manger (Trapunto)

6" x 5.9899"
15637 stitches

The Magi Learn of the New King (Trapunto)

6" x 5.9799"
8950 stitches