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A Autumn (Lace) Design Pack





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These freestanding lace designs are wonderful for dressing up table décor. Make decorative trivets, and embellish linen napkins and placemats. Project instructions demonstrate how to make freestanding lace.

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Designs Included in this Pack

Autumn Leaf Square (Lace)

4.8583" x 4.8344"
39758 stitches

Autumn Leaf Square (Lace)

3.8828" x 3.8828"
30329 stitches

Autumn Leaf Circle (Lace)

4.8198" x 4.8171"
36366 stitches

Autumn Leaf Circle (Lace)

3.881" x 3.8613"
27615 stitches

Autumn Leaf Rectangle (Lace)

6.8355" x 3.4204"
43776 stitches

Autumn Leaf Corner (Lace)

3.8992" x 3.8769"
16702 stitches