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A Hanukkah Cards and Ornaments Design Pack - Sm



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Some designs in this pack can be embroidered onto cardstock (noted below). Project instructions demonstrate the technique of embroidering onto cardstock.

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Designs Included in this Pack

Snowmen and Menorah (Cardstock)

2.86" x 3.76"
12737 stitches

Menorah Tree Ornament (Lace)

2.68" x 3.06"
10803 stitches

Menorah Tree Bookmark (Lace)

1.59" x 3.85"
13639 stitches

Star of David Snowflake

2.56" x 3.76"
11574 stitches

Star of David Snowflake Ornament (Lace)

3.03" x 2.75"
10861 stitches

Star of David Snowflake Bookmark (Lace)

1.59" x 3.86"
15881 stitches