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A Insets (Lace) Design Pack





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Embroider these freestanding lace insets onto water-soluble stabilizer, then soak the stabilizer away. Project instructions demonstrate how to embroider lace, and add it to a v-neck shirt for a beautiful, elegant look.

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Designs Included in this Pack

Leaves and Eyelet Inset (Lace)

3.89" x 2.91"
13150 stitches

Floral Flourishes Inset (Lace)

3.88" x 2.41"
10198 stitches

Heart of Inset (Lace)

3.87" x 2.54"
10189 stitches

Flying Dove Inset (Lace)

3.88" x 2.24"
9810 stitches

Daisy Inset (Lace)

3.87" x 2.47"
11507 stitches

Chain Inset (Lace)

3.88" x 2.46"
10561 stitches