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A Floral Tiles (Lace) Design Pack - Lg





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Embroidery freestanding lace shapes, then stitch together into borders and runners. Project instructions demonstrate the technique of making freestanding lace.

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Designs Included in this Pack

Lily Hexagon (Lace)

5.58" x 4.84"
35095 stitches

Fleur de Lis Hexagon (Lace)

5.58" x 4.85"
37199 stitches

Daisy Hexagon (Lace)

5.56" x 4.83"
33778 stitches

Leaves and Berries Square (Lace)

4.87" x 4.89"
38882 stitches

Vines Square (Lace)

4.87" x 4.86"
41591 stitches

Ornate Square (Lace)

4.82" x 4.84"
39919 stitches