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A Light and Lacy Leaves (Lace) Design Pack - Md





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Delicate, elegant freestanding lace forms leaves in these designs. Add fall flavor to your home décor! Project instructions demonstrate how to embroider freestanding lace.

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Designs Included in this Pack

Oak Leaf (Lace)

3.02" x 3.85"
14060 stitches

Maple Leaf (Lace)

3.79" x 3.8"
20833 stitches

Ash Leaf (Lace)

3.8" x 3.24"
15207 stitches

Cottonwood Leaf (Lace)

3.3" x 3.79"
15213 stitches

Elm Leaf (Lace)

2.73" x 3.79"
12682 stitches

Sycamore Leaf (Lace)

3.72" x 3.82"
15387 stitches