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Patriotic Home Decor Design Pack



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Design pack contains a variety of designs for adding a theme to your home décor. See the designs below; special project instructions are available for making an embroidered clock face, and a towel topper.

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Designs Included in this Pack

Eagle Clock

5.68" x 5.84"
19628 stitches

Statue of Liberty Towel Topper

5.87" x 9.41"
40523 stitches

Eagle Head

4.07" x 4.86"
24238 stitches

Flag Corner

3.84" x 3.85"
8615 stitches

Flag Corner - Curved

3.88" x 3.89"
9178 stitches

Star Border

6.84" x 0.68"
3675 stitches