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A Garden of Inspiration Design Pack - Md





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Share the beauty of nature with these lovely motifs! Create joyful pillows, totes, wall hangings, and more. These machine embroidery design contains sheer stitching and open areas; embroider on solid-colored fabrics for best results.

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Designs Included in this Pack

Heavenly Cardinal Medley

5.8493" x 5.8637"
18076 stitches

Sunshine Monarch Medley

5.8484" x 5.8954"
24223 stitches

Happiness Blooms Medley

5.846" x 5.8987"
21766 stitches

Joy Dragonfly Medley

5.8556" x 5.8491"
13235 stitches

Peaceful Hummingbird Medley

5.8539" x 5.8489"
15989 stitches

Soaring Swallow Medley

5.85" x 5.9"
17332 stitches