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A Autumn Blessings (Puff Foam) Design Pack - XXL





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Stitch a bounty of blessings with these machine embroidery designs, perfect for throw pillows, wall hangings, and more. These designs have been digitized for use with puff foam. Project instructions will show you how to use puff foam to create a three-dimensional effect.

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Designs Included in this Pack

Autumn Blessings - Harvest (Puff Foam)

7.7972" x 7.7994"
18478 stitches

Autumn Blessings - Gather (Puff Foam)

7.8" x 7.8"
15676 stitches

Autumn Blessings - Grateful (Puff Foam)

7.7986" x 7.7922"
17637 stitches

Autumn Blessings - Blessed (Puff Foam)

7.8001" x 7.7975"
16282 stitches

Autumn Blessings - Thankful (Puff Foam)

7.7999" x 7.7994"
17077 stitches

Autumn Blessings - Family (Puff Foam)

7.797" x 7.8001"
16101 stitches