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A Days of the Week Retro Trucks (Vintage) Design Pack - Lg





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Cruise through the week with these vintage retro trucks and autumn goodies. Combine to make a weekly set of tea towels -- or skip the last color stop to omit the text for pillows, totes, and more.

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Designs Included in this Pack

Retro Truck With Apples on Sunday (Vintage)

6.5083" x 4.8244"
11786 stitches

Retro Truck With Fruit on Monday (Vintage)

6.565" x 4.53"
11279 stitches

Retro Truck With Pumpkins on Tuesday (Vintage)

6.5249" x 4.8261"
11737 stitches

Retro Truck With Vegetables on Wednesday (Vintage)

6.7563" x 4.8005"
12781 stitches

Retro Truck With Hay Bales on Friday (Vintage)

6.6354" x 4.794"
11458 stitches

Retro Truck With Leaves on Saturday (Vintage)

6.4383" x 4.8336"
11931 stitches