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A Patterns in Paradise Quilting Design Pack - Sm





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Stitch your way through paradise with these tropical quilting designs. Repeat these patterns across totes, table runners, and pillows, or stitch through fabric, batting, and back to create lovely quilts. Project instructions will show you how to work with double-run quilting designs.

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Designs Included in this Pack

Shells in Paradise Quilting (Double Run)

3.8983" x 3.8985"
4497 stitches

Fish in Paradise Quilting (Double Run)

3.8987" x 3.8998"
4529 stitches

Birds in Paradise Quilting (Double Run)

3.8944" x 3.8987"
3800 stitches

Leaves in Paradise Quilting (Double Run)

3.8992" x 3.9"
5105 stitches

Flowers in Paradise Quilting (Double Run)

3.8981" x 3.8987"
4927 stitches