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A Victorian Flower Language (Vintage) Design Pack - Lg



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Sometimes everything you want to say can be communicated with a single blossom. Flowers represent different meanings in these light and delicate designs inspired by the Victorian language of flowers. Perfect for tea towels, wall hangings, and more sentimental creations.

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Designs Included in this Pack

Pansies of Thoughtfulness (Vintage)

4.85" x 6.8362"
4907 stitches

Violets of Faithfulness (Vintage)

3.7294" x 6.8397"
4310 stitches

Forget-Me-Nots of True Love (Vintage)

3.0133" x 6.8419"
4275 stitches

Honeysuckle of Friendship (Vintage)

3.1977" x 6.8386"
5139 stitches

Orchids of Beauty (Vintage)

3.1065" x 6.8366"
3701 stitches

Pink Rose of Grace (Vintage)

3.1551" x 6.8381"
4278 stitches

Bluebells of Gratitude (Vintage)

3.1518" x 6.839"
4184 stitches