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A County Fair Animal Signs Design Pack - XL





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Warm summer days at the county fair wouldn't be complete without vintage signs! Create the perfect tea towels, aprons, pillows, and more with this collection of charming machine embroidery designs.

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Designs Included in this Pack

County Fair Sign - Best in Show Sheep

6.8412" x 9.0236"
15754 stitches

County Fair Sign - Free Range Chickens

6.8386" x 8.6752"
17189 stitches

County Fair Sign - Horse Show

6.8344" x 7.5516"
15603 stitches

County Fair Sign - Dairy Cows

6.8421" x 7.4991"
17507 stitches

County Fair Sign - Blue Ribbon Goats

6.4773" x 8.0899"
13795 stitches

County Fair Sign - Premium Quality Pig Feed

6.836" x 8.7819"
15588 stitches