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A Baby Trapunto Design Pack - XXL





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Sleepy and sweet trapunto machine embroidery designs add heirloom quality details to quilts, wall hangings, and more! Layer your fabric and batting, then stitch the embroidery design to quilt through all layers. Our project instructions will show you how!

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Designs Included in this Pack

Sleepy Bear (Trapunto)

7.8001" x 7.8001"
30585 stitches

Baby Rattle (Trapunto)

7.8001" x 7.8001"
33127 stitches

Sleepy Moon (Trapunto)

7.8" x 7.8"
32998 stitches

Sleepy Bunny (Trapunto)

7.8001" x 7.8001"
30371 stitches

Toy Letter Block (Trapunto)

7.8001" x 7.8001"
20165 stitches

Diaper Pin (Trapunto)

7.8001" x 7.8001"
36944 stitches