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A Irish Wildflower Wreaths (Cross Stitch) Design Pack - Md





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Graceful circles of Irish greenery and wildflowers in cross stitch are beautiful additions to tea towels, table linens, pillow covers, and quilts.

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Designs Included in this Pack

St. John's Wort Wreath (Cross Stitch)

5.8648" x 5.8292"
20453 stitches

Violet Wreath (Cross Stitch)

5.8648" x 5.8292"
20103 stitches

Aster Wreath (Cross Stitch)

5.829" x 5.8292"
21457 stitches

Foxglove Wreath (Cross Stitch)

5.8292" x 5.8648"
21152 stitches

Forget-Me-Not Wreath (Cross Stitch)

5.8648" x 5.8648"
26612 stitches

Wood Sorel Wreath (Cross Stitch)

5.4716" x 5.8292"
19098 stitches