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A Caribbean (Candlewicking) Design Pack - Sm





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Candlewicking is a traditional embroidery technique where the focal point is surrounded by dots. This design lends a classic, underwater look to pillows, quilts, and more. Project instructions demonstrate the candlewicking style.

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Designs Included in this Pack

Caribbean Conch Shell (Candlewicking)

3.84" x 3.84"
11705 stitches

Caribbean Jellyfish (Candlewicking)

3.83" x 3.85"
12131 stitches

Caribbean Octopus (Candlewicking)

3.85" x 3.82"
11632 stitches

Caribbean Scallop Shell (Candlewicking)

3.84" x 3.85"
9223 stitches

Caribbean Seahorse (Candlewicking)

3.84" x 3.84"
12270 stitches

Caribbean Turtle (Candlewicking)

3.85" x 3.81"
13366 stitches