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A Party Time Toppers (In-the-Hoop) Design Pack





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Thrill little ones with cute in-the-hoop toppers! Great on cupcakes, pencils, and more! Project instructions show how to stitch the designs right in the hoop.

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Designs Included in this Pack

Mustache Topper (In-the-Hoop)

2.6846" x 1.306"
1890 stitches

Heart Topper (In-the-Hoop)

2.6312" x 2.0912"
1168 stitches

Shining Star Topper (In-the-Hoop)

2.621" x 2.5105"
3773 stitches

Pinwheel Topper (In-the-Hoop)

2.6255" x 2.6225"
3090 stitches

Cupcake Topper (In-the-Hoop)

2.1319" x 2.6264"
5026 stitches

Bow Topper (In-the-Hoop)

2.6275" x 2.152"
1695 stitches