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A Fanciful Flowers Design Pack - Sm





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Beautiful blooming flowers and one-color swirls are striking additions to any embroidery project. Let these blossoms grow on pillows, totes, or wall hangings.

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Designs Included in this Pack

Fanciful Poppy Flower

4.2211" x 6.8559"
29093 stitches

Fanciful Balloon Flower

3.8832" x 6.8513"
27329 stitches

Fanciful Zinnia Flower

4.14" x 6.8476"
29629 stitches

Fanciful Aster Flower

3.755" x 6.8497"
27767 stitches

Fanciful Mum Flower

3.8605" x 6.8504"
29172 stitches

Fanciful Cosmos Flower

4.3333" x 6.8478"
26639 stitches