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A Flowers with Flourish Design Pack - XL



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Colorful flowers in the foreground; open and airy baroque flourish in the background. Beautiful on placemats, tea towels, pillow covers, and tote bags.

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Designs Included in this Pack

Hollyhocks with Flourish

6.8764" x 8.4512"
66775 stitches

Poppies with Flourish

6.7349" x 7.7874"
53437 stitches

Roses with Flourish

6.897" x 7.6702"
67748 stitches

Foxgloves with Flourish

6.4309" x 7.0028"
53674 stitches

Pansies with Flourish

6.8823" x 8.1452"
77514 stitches

Evening Primroses with Flourish

6.685" x 7.3058"
46615 stitches