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A Nature's Boutique Design Pack - Md





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Each of these designs contain an exquisite balance of full-color focal points and light and open backgrounds. Embroider onto smooth, neutral fabrics for excellent results.

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Designs Included in this Pack

Hummingbird's Flight to Flower

5.521" x 4.8644"
17096 stitches

Honeybee's Hive

4.8742" x 4.949"
11906 stitches

Robin's Nest Is Best

4.8631" x 6.2883"
14834 stitches

Dragonflies Are Buzzing

4.8626" x 5.9626"
19802 stitches

Tranquil Turtle and Lotus Blossom

4.8631" x 5.6931"
21767 stitches

Monarch With Milkweed

4.857" x 6.4864"
23210 stitches