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A Days of the Week Teddy Bears (Vintage) Design Pack - Lg





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These designs are light and lively on kitchen towel sets!

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Designs Included in this Pack

Teddy Bear Cleans on Monday (Vintage)

4.55" x 6.27"
7285 stitches

Teddy Bear Cooks on Tuesday (Vintage)

4.652" x 6.18"
7799 stitches

Teddy Bear Irons on Wednesday (Vintage)

4.8585" x 6.3434"
8605 stitches

Teddy Bear Washes on Thursday (Vintage)

4.4486" x 6.208"
7929 stitches

Teddy Bear Bakes on Friday (Vintage)

3.5556" x 6.4278"
6427 stitches

Teddy Bear Gardens on Saturday (Vintage)

4.6905" x 6.423"
8094 stitches