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A Snowy Christmas Splendor Design Pack - XXL



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Seasonal characters celebrate winter in these fun and whimsical snowy scenes. They're terrific additions to pillows, as a quilt set, or framed in hand embroidery hoops.

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Designs Included in this Pack

Skating Santa Scene

7.7119" x 7.7004"
54801 stitches

Skating Mrs. Claus Scene

7.6452" x 7.6105"
53047 stitches

Frolicking Rudolph Scene

7.3644" x 7.5965"
38243 stitches

Snowmen Friends Scene

7.3769" x 7.6387"
49767 stitches

Polar Bear and Cubs Scene

7.7686" x 7.6973"
54491 stitches

Birds and Ornaments Scene

6.8171" x 7.6649"
35377 stitches