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A Light and Lovely Flourishes (Whitework) Design Pack - XL



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Intricate and elegant detail lets you add a delicate look to garments and home décor items with these whitework designs. These designs are not freestanding lace; they can be stitched directly onto fabric.

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Designs Included in this Pack

Simple Symmetry Flourish (Whitework)

7.7926" x 7.741"
48918 stitches

World of Wonder Flourish (Whitework)

7.6737" x 7.7811"
37613 stitches

Beauty and Grace Flourish (Whitework)

7.7894" x 7.7364"
43396 stitches

Whirls and Twirls Flourish (Whitework)

7.7795" x 7.7526"
36570 stitches

Swirling Symphony Flourish (Whitework)

7.7736" x 7.7517"
51148 stitches

Sweet Serenade Flourish (Whitework)

7.7916" x 7.7472"
44221 stitches